Session times in Camden

Hi All

As some of you will have read on twitter I am now a mother and my beautiful son is the most important person in my life.  It has taken a while to get used to my new work / family balance but MWM is now fully operating at a new home in Camden that is just across the road from the venue we were using in 2016 and 2017.  The gym is spacious and ready for all of you challengers who ant to take on the MWM ladies.  Sessions are in full swing and my email and phone number an be found on the website please use these to make enquiries about bookings.

The times when sessions can be booked at our new gum are:

Mondays to Thursdays 0800 to 1430

Fridays up to 1930

Saturdays after 1400

Sundays all day

I look forward to seeing you soon

Cam x

Samurai (review by Spidey, December 2017)

DQIo4GyW4AA3ndcThis review was done before Christmas, I’ve just found it in my emails, it’s worth waiting for 😉


Samurai 7-1 The Amazing Spider-Mouth

Today I was back at MWM for a session with one of my favourite opponents, the stunningly beautiful Samurai.  This was a 2 hour session and I had planned it so that Samurai would be doing a female match later on in the afternoon and I thought 2 hours against me would tire her out and her opponent would have a chance of revenge after the last match.  Unfortunately, Samurai?s opponent was ill today and so their match did not go ahead.  This meant Samurai did not have to save anything for a later match and we were able to go all out against each other and we had a cracking good match; a serious contender for my match of 2017.


I wore a red long sleeved rugby training while Samurai wore a black long sleeved top and purple leggings, she looked sensational.  We launched into each other in the first round and soon I was on my back having to use my half guard to defend against Samurai as she tried neck holds and a half grapevine.  Samurai frantically tried to pull clear of my half guard but I was able to readjust it back on and keep things under control.  I made a big effort and rolled on top.  Now it was Samurai using her half guard on me and looking to get me into her guard but I kept my outer leg firmly on the mats to prevent her doing so.  She struggled vigorously beneath me and I took the opportunity to get full mount position and work her arms down to the mats above her head, closing my thighs to the outsides of her arms, looking down as I pinned her.  Starting the count but concentrating on pinning her expecting her to try and dislodge me on the count of 8 but it did not happen and I counted to 10 completing the pin and taking a 1-0 lead, maybe this would be my day!


Samurai told me that the first round was just the warm up and that she would start wrestling more competitively now.  And sure enough, Round 2 was a very quick round indeed with Samurai taking me with a guillotine hold and I had to tap.  1-1.

I certainly did not need round 3 to be anything like round 2 or else Samurai might beat me by a huge score over the 2 hours.  So it was straight into defence as she tried to pull me down with a Thai grip.  I managed to work her hands from the back of my neck and grab her around her body.  She had one arm over one of my shoulders and the other arm underneath my other shoulder.  We fell onto the mats and started tussling for position.  Samurai got on top and managed to get full mount.  She tried to get a leg up above my arm so as she could role me into a triangle choke but I was able to slip my arm from under her leg and shrimp back.  She still had the full mount opposition though.  She planted a foot near my ear, I was thinking she might try for an arm bar but instead she got into school girl pin position.  I pushed her behind over my head and escaped out the back but she came after me getting my back.  I had to fend off a decent attempt she was making to get the rear naked choke.  I managed to turn around and face her but she tucked my head under her arm behind hr back and reached across with her other arm to apply a second guillotine hold.  I tried to resist but had to tap pretty soon.  2-1 to Samurai.


Early in round 4, Samurai pulled my arm into an arm bar but I rolled into it, ending up on my knees.  I was able to keep my arm bent and use my leg and back strength to prize myself clear.  Samurai was back on top and in full mount position.  She protested that the top I was wearing was slippery and helping me escape.  Indeed it was one of those skin tight rugby tops that make it harder for opponents to tackle you and it was serving me well in this match.  I shifted and rotated on the mats to counter Samurai?s attempts to get a pin, grapevine or smother and any time a leg came up looking for a triangle I was able to keep my arms over her thighs in defence.  This was such a long round that we agree to take a break for water (it was actually coconut juice) in the middle of the round and then set ourselves back up in the same position.  We were setting a heck of a pace but were lasting well as we passed the hour mark.  As Samurai was in full mount position, I was able to look up and see that she was thoroughly enjoying the challenge.  Smiling while gritting her teeth with determination, trying to overpower her opponent and break down the defence.  Samurai managed to get into a school girl pin position and reached behind my head with her hands to ensure I could not escape out the back as she rolled side on and applied the head scissors.  She got the scissors perfectly on my neck and I had to tap out.  3-1 to Samurai.

The next round started with Samurai pulling me down with a Thai grip, while I was down on my knees she was up on her feet leaning over me looking for a guillotine.  Instead she went a bit further over the top of me and tried to lock her legs on my neck for a reverse head scissors.  I spotted it early and managed to disconnect her ankles with my hands.  I was kneeling bent double as she leaned down on top of me, her hands holding together beneath my stomach.  I was in hedgehog defence mode. I pushed at her knees to prevent her re-applying the reverse head scissors.  We ended up side on and I made the move to get on top, but Samurai got me with a guillotine from below and I tapped out.  4-1 to Samurai.


We battled on with Samurai attempting arm bars, triangles and attempting to take my back.  She told me I was really strong today which was very gratifying.  Samurai wrestled particularly intensely in this round.  Every time I escaped one move, she was pouncing on me immediately to try something else.  Eventually she pinned me on my back and switched to a cross body win and put me in an Americana hold.  My right arm simply did not have the strength to prevent her two arms from completing the hold.  5-1 to Samurai.

Samurai earned her next point with a hold I?ve never been put in before, it was an arm triangle except she applied it with her legs rather than with her arms.  Samurai had been trying to get a head scissors on me and I managed to keep her legs apart.  She managed to keep my arm in position with one leg while pushing the arm around my neck with the back of her other thigh.  It was pretty incredible.  6-1 to Samurai.


Final 10 minutes, time for one last go at each other, Samurai telling me not to get this point with me replying I?ll finish how I started.  It was a fast fierce and feisty exchange as we used up whatever energy we had left.  She got me with a head scissors and as I tapped we both fell back on the mats utterly exhausted, getting up to give each other a big hug at the end of an immense battle.  7-1 to Samurai was the final score, she was excellent but I was honestly delighted with my own performance.  I normally go down 7-0 to Samurai over an hour so to lose 7-1 over 2 hours is a decent effort.  Big thanks to Cam for organising the match and big thanks to Samurai for making it such an excellent one xx



Happy Christmas

Hello everybody.

2017 has been a wonderful year for me, a challenging year too, and I want to thank all of my friends for their love and support this year.  MWM certainly took a back seat for a while and I really appreciate everyone’s understanding during that time.  We have now moved to a fifth venue but are still in Camden.  It is a spacious martial arts gym with mats and a nice sofa for me to watch the ladies kick guys asses.  Here are some photos of Sparkle in the new venue at a recent session.





I’m looking forward to 2018 ad wish you all a merry Christmas ad every happiness and success in 2018 x

Session with Bullet (review by Spidey, October 2017)

Bullet 12 – 0 The Amazing Spider-Mouth

October 2017




So much has been happening this summer that it does not feel like three months since I last did a session at MWM, but it actually is three months as I did sessions in Wales during August and September.  Today’s match is against one of my favourites, Bullet, who has beaten me on all 13 previous occasions we’ve met and I have yet to score a point against her.  It was an early start on the 0430 bus to London arriving in good time for the 0900 session, Bullet arriving right on queue.  We changed in no time at all and got a quick warm up done.  Bullet looks very toned in the arms and back, she’s in fantastic shape, she wore a black sports bra with white hearts on it and black gym pants.  I wore red long sleeved skin tight rugby training top, and Welsh flag shorts.  A couple of photos taken before the start of the match.


Locking up for round 1, and trying to get our hands over each other’s shoulders.  I immediately feel how solid her arms are, they look like pure muscle and they feel like pure muscle.  I can immediately feel how strong she is as she grapples me to the mats.  She is feeling her way, looking at the wall rather than looking right at me, taking in the space, seeing the bigger picture and choosing her strategy.  Pushing my head down, while telling me I made a mistake walking into a guillotine, she leans over me as I’m bent double, pulling her arms under my neck, pulling up and I’m tapping.  1-0 to Bullet.


Well that warmed us up.  We struggle on the mats in the second round but it is Bullet who is on top and in control, looking for an Americana or possibly an arm triangle choke.  I pull her arm around the back of my head to help try and roll her over onto her back, but she has me planted solidly on my back.  Lying across my body she gets me with a straight arm lock.  2-0.


Bullet is gradually increasing the intensity and pace of the match, I am matching her, keenly trying to defend, eyes wide open scanning everything, trying to push up with my arm, but Bullet smiles as she pushes me back down flat on my back again.  I’m doing my best to prevent her leg getting over my shoulder, but it is no good, she plants the foot on the mat and a smooth quarter turn transitions into an arm bar as she leans back pulling my elbow into her chest.  I have connected my hands and keep the elbow bent but I can feel that I am about to lose my grip and the arm is going to be pulled straight so I tap out before that happens.  3-0.

Bullet is now operating at the tempo she wants and is methodically working me into a hold where she can go for the submission.  I’m stuck lying on my side as she has the full mount position, pressing the side of my head into the mats with her hand.  Then she brings her body down on top of my head, pressing me into the mats further and then taking my neck to score with a side guillotine / neck hold move.  4-0 to Bullet.

I am managing to put up some resistance in the fifth round, but it is taking so much effort and I still can’t get up off my back.  There is a brief moment where Bullet is not forcing me down on the mats as she does a quick rotation but I fail to take the opportunity to get up.  She is quick and precise with her feet, positioning them across my body and leaning back pulling on another arm bar.  5-0.


I manage to get Bullet in my half guard and roll her half onto her side but she is straight back on top.  I use the momentum of her rolling back on top to try and roll her the other way onto her back, but she simply loosens her grip, letting me turn so she can take my back.  Feeling her forearm on my chin, keeping the chin in to avoid the rear naked choke.  However, Bullet uses her other hand to pull my chin up, sliding the forearm back in and I have to tap.  6-0.


Bullet tries to pull me into another guillotine with Thai grips but I’m able to push her arms away and pull my neck out.  While we are on our knees I grab her round her waist with her right arm as well as her body caught in my grip.  She manages to get the right arm free and gets me on my back.  This time it’s an Americana that gets the point.  7-0.


Bullet is looking for variety and switching attack styles to make sure she is applying holds she has not used yet in the match.  This truly is a master class.  I’m struggling wildly to run down the clock and keep this within double figures.  The opportunity arises to get on my knees to prize myself up off the mats but Bullet manages to get me with a kimoura.  8-0.

I’m on my back again but at least this time I have Bullet in my guard.  She expertly negotiates her way over each leg in turn and then sticks my head between her thighs reverse head scissors mode.  Controlling my head and upper body with her legs allows Bullet to put on another Americana while I cannot see what she is doing with her arms.  I tap.  9-0.

It looks like it is going to be a hat trick of arm bars but I connect my hands and keep the arm bent.  Bullet tries to disconnect my hands with her feet.  Good effort from her but my stubborn resistance continues.  It takes her a second attempt at the arm bar before she converts it into a point.  10-0.

I am gamely trying to find a way to prevent Bullet making me submit but she is in excellent physical, technical and tactical shape today.  I almost get the half guar on but it is positioned on her shin rather than above the knee.  She gets her leg free with ease and has me in full mount.  She positions herself now so I can feel the full mount trapping me tightly between her legs.  She pulls me over so I’m lying face first and gets me with a hammer lock.  11-0.  Actually, I had to explain to Bullet the difference between a hammer lock and a kimoura.  It would have been even better if I could apply these moves for real myself but Bullet’s defence today is excellent.


The final round, we tap hands, bump fists and Bullet goes straight onto her back, I dive on top, I guess she wants to practice escaping and it does not take very long at all for her to be out from under me.  She completes the victory with a fourth arm bar, this one is much cleaner than the previous three.  12-0.

So after winning a home match in Wales in September, normal service is resumed as I go down 12-0 to Bullet.  We take some photos recreating some of the holds afterwards.  The camera on my phone is voice activated so I simply say “smile” and it takes the shot.  It was more of a “splut splut, smile, splut splut” when Bullet was recreating the guillotine on me!  It was really grat to be back at MWM and taking on Bullet again.  I’m going to have to train a lot harder if I am going to give her any kind of a match.  She was in control all the way today.  Excellent session.  Thanks to Bullet as well as Cam and the venue staff for arranging everything. xx




We’re back in business!

Hello everyone,

Things have been very quiet on the blog and indeed on MWM’s other social media accounts.  This is because it has been a very busy summer for me and also 2017 has also been the best and most important year of my life so far.  Yes it was necessary for MWM to take a back seat for a while, and I really want to thank the wrestlers and our clients for their patients and understanding during this time.

We will be using a professional martial arts venue for the minute.  It is in a good central location that British and overseas visitors will find easy to get to from an underground station nearby.

We will require deposits for all sessions because of the venue hire which needs to be paid in advance.  This can be done by paypal, then I can book the venue and we can set a date and time for your session once your chosen model wrestler has confirmed she is available.  The sooner the deposit is paid the sooner we can arrange the session allowing you to make your travel arrangements.

Paying a deposit does not suit everyone and I have seen on wrestling forums that some of you refuse to pay deposits to any session wrestling businesses because you have been ripped of by dishonest people in the past.  It is very unfortunate that this has happened and this is why I wish to say some words about the need for deposits here at MWM.

  • Firstly, we have not done any deposit scamming at MWM.  You are not paying a deposit those who ripped you off before, you are dealing with us.  I strongly support any legitimate identifiable wrestling business requesting deposits.  If such a business tries to rip you off, definitely report them to the police.
  • Secondly, MWM has suffered from time-wasters who have booked sessions and not turned up.  When this happens, the model wrestler’s time is wasted and I cannot pay her and this can be very upsetting for her and embarrassing for me even though it is a situation created by a time waster.  Now that we are hiring a venue and paying for it when we book it, I will personally lose money if a time-waster books a session and does not turn up.  I completely understand that some of you have been victims of deposit scammers and will not go to any business requiring a deposit.  However, given that we have been victims of time wasters and really cannot afford to be in future we must ask for deposits even though we will possibly lose some customers as a result.
  • The final thing I want to say about deposits is that it does not involve paying any extra money for your session.  The amount you pay is the same it is just that part of the amount is paid as a deposit.  I hope you will take this into consideration.

Sorry to have to discuss negative aspects of deposit scammers and time wasters in this post but it is very important.  We want to make sure that session wrestling at MWM is a brilliant experience for you and for the wrestlers who work with us.  I look forward to welcoming old and new friends to MWM.  For details of session bookings and to start making arrangements email me on:

Best wishes everyone, it is great to be back!



McKenzie review by Spidey (August 2017)

McKenzie 1-0 Spidey (rematch August 2017)


This has actually been a quiet year for me with only 20 matches in the first 7 months of 2017.  There are plenty of athletes on my hit list so the fact that I am having a rematch with McKenzie less than a month after our first match should tell you that she is a special athlete.  The fact is that our first match was so enjoyable that I wanted a rematch sooner rather than later.  On the night she messaged me on twitter to say she was in the area early so I met her at the station and we walked up to Camden where MWM is located.  We were still a bit early so we went to the pub around the corner and met Alfie the cat while having a drink.  Cam text to say she was at the studio so we went up and got ready for the session while having a bit of a catch up with Cam.

McKenzie wore a one piece red costume for the match.  We posed for some pre match photos before warming up and then having a pre match stare down.  We were ready and got down on our knees to start the match.  McKenzie went straight for my neck / shoulders and pulled me down onto the mats and was looking for the full mount position from the outset.  I managed to capture one of her legs in my half guard but only below the knee and she soon freed it and was looking to regain the full mount position.  I struggled hard and kept her off balanced, I wanted a high tempo to try and tire her out.  My plan was to work hard and sneak a winning point at the end when McKenzie got tired.  She worked her way up into a school girl pin position and was just reaching behind my head to roll into a head scissors when I managed to pull clear.  Luckily for me, McKenzie did not have a firm enough grip around the back of my head which meant the head scissors did not really start.

Soon McKenzie had my back and was going for a rear naked choke, I was removing one arm and then the other arm, slowly but firmly to make sure my throat was clear.  I managed to turn half round, but McKenzie pushed me down on my side commenting that I was like a foetus as I lay curled up at her knees trying to prevent her from getting any of my limbs.

McKenzie was getting frustrated with my defence as I manages to resist her grapevine attempt and keep my airways clear of her smother attempts.  I was using my half guard to prevent her getting the full mount position and we were both breathing heavily with effort as the contest progressed.  She commented that I was a wriggler, certainly I was keeping up a steady pace and was really happy with my conditioning.  McKenzie was keeping up with the pace as well and when I suggested we have water after 15 mins, she said she was happy to keep wrestling for the minute; well I guess she was on top at the time.  As we rolled side-on to each other, I tried to hook my leg around her waist but she raised her leg to prevent me.  Her flexibility is far superior to mine and she managed to keep her leg higher than mine bringing it around mine to gain the full mount position.  She moved up my chest into a school girl pin position, but I pushed her behind over my head and escaped out behind her.  I was up on my knees quick and going after her looking to take her back but McKenzie was demonstrating will power tonight and showed real determination in not letting me get her back.

We were locked in on our knees and my balance gave way first as McKenzie came down on top of me.  She lay on top placing her hands over my mouth to try and smother me.  I managed to turn my head and breath, joking that I could breathe through my ears any way – I can’t.  McKenzie managed to sit on me but it was not a full mount as she was facing my feet rather than my face.  There was really nowhere to go from this position so she slid off to the side and tried to pull one arm into an arm bar, but her legs were never in position and I managed to snatch my arm clear.  I think her best option in this position would have been a bow and arrow manoeuvre but don’t tell her 😉

Halfway through the match and we finally agreed to have a water break, looking at each other in a challenging manner as we took on the beautifully cool and much needed bottled  water.  Back into action and once again it was McKenzie’s attack against my stubborn defence.  McKenzie was on top and I was struggling hard meaning she could not get me in a hold as she was too busy trying to avoid being toppled or rolled.  She commented “you’re a slippery f***er”, I liked her attitude, highly competitive and made us both eager to increase the intensity of the battle.  McKenzie managed to get full mount and roll me into a body scissors.  I got up on my knees with McKenzie still applying the scissors.  I was taking the mick by flexing my biceps while she was scissoring me.  I resisted the scissors using up a lot of her energy.  I was getting the feeling this was going to be my day because my tactics were working.  The score was still 0-0.

She pulled out of the scissors and grabbed one of my feet pulling me across the mats.  She grabbed my other foot and lifted my legs in the air,  I placed the palms of my hands on the ground and raised my butt off the mats, she was now walking me across the mats like a wheel barrow except upside down.  We had a laugh about this for a brief moment and then it was back into action.  McKenzie is getting better all the time and the last time I was showing her moves but this time there was none of that as she put me in a triangle.  I was not feeling too much, I can’t put my finger on why it was not effective and was unable to offer any advice to her at the time.  She had her legs in the right position and was controlling my arm that was bent between her legs beneath my chin.  However, I was just not feeling it so she had to give the move up and try something else.  I suspect she will have perfected the triangle the next time I see her.

McKenzie commented that she gets a good workout against me.  I get a good workout against her too.  One problem was that McKenzie was not tiring as I hoped she would.  Things were not going to plan in that respect for me.  So it was looking like the match was heading for a 0-0 draw until McKenzie pulled me into a head scissors and squeezed it home, looking into my eyes to study the effect her thighs were having on me.  I had to tap.  1-0 to McKenzie.  I checked the clock, time was up, she had won the rematch, we had a hug after then she changed upstairs while I changed downstairs.  We had a nice chat on our way to the station and sat down while waiting for the train.  It was a nice cool evening.  My stop was before her’s, one last hug before I stepped off the train, we waved at each other through the window, it was a great session.  We’ve already agreed to make it the best of five so there will be plenty more battles for me to report on soon.


McKenzie: review by Spidey (July 2017)

McKenzie 1-0 The Amazing Spider-Mouth

I recently had my first session with McKenzie, a new athlete on the UK scene who has already become very popular doing sessions in London as well as appearing in videos produced in London and Birmingham.  We’d been trying to set up the match for a while but were not able to do so between one thing and another.  When we were able to set the match up it was the day after McKenzie had done a busy day of mixed matches and video work.  This suited me as I am still looking for my first win of 2017.  We had been taunting each other about the impending match for a week or so on social media and the banter had taken a bit of an England v Wales flavour.  So I brought my Welsh football shirt with me to the session as well as a 1996 style England shirt for McKenzie to wear.  I arrived early and had a chat with Cam.  McKenzie arrived and changed into her bikini putting the England shirt on over it.  I was well pleased with the pre match photos.  We warmed up, did a stare down and then got down on our knees to commence battle.


The match started with McKenzie putting me straight onto my back.  It was an energetic struggle from the outset with me using my half guard to frustrate McKenzie’s attack.  The music channel was blasting out some great tunes as we tussled on the mats.  I managed to avoid being put in grapevines and body scissors early on.  We were both breathing heavily with effort as we rolled from the centre of the mats to the edge of the basement fight arena and back to the centre.  McKenzie was on top most of the early stages and I felt her pressing down hard against me, using up my energy as I struggled to escape.  As I moved out one side of her, she would press me back down on the mats.  At one stage I was inhaling her hair as she was on top trying to work into a position for an Americana.  After 20 minutes we took a break for water with the match still scoreless.

As we were having a break I suggested that McKenzie show me the moves she knows.  She is good at the key lock (I call it an Americana, not sure if they are the same thing or not), rear naked choke and body scissors.  We also went through the grapevine, arm bar, kimoura, triangle and camel clutch.


Back down on our knees to get back the match proper, in each other’s faces and down grappling on the mats again.  We kept up a stream of banter throughout the match.  I can see this developing into a long term rivalry.  McKenzie got me on my back and sat on my chest looking for the school girl pin.  I managed to push her behind over my head and escape out the back.  McKenzie tried to tickle me but strangely it did not work, normally I am very ticklish.  The only point of the match came just before the end when McKenzie got me with a body scissors.  She deserved the win and big respect to her for taking on this match at the end of a very busy week of matches for her.  The first thing I did at the end of the match was challenge her to a rematch, the first thing she did was accept the challenge.  We went for lunch after with Cam and had a great chat.  She’s an excellent athlete and a very nice person with it, it was a great and most enjoyable session, I recommend her very highly.

Spidey x