New MWM Studio Opening Soon

It has been impossible to keep this a secret but we are making the final touches to our new studio, which will soon be ready for full sessions.  Yes we are moving back to Camden as some of you will have seen on twitter and facebook.  It has been a lot of hard work getting everything ready.  Negotiating the lease, obtaining the necessary permits, building work, interior decorating, flooring, purchasing equipment, mirrors, plumbing, new bathroom, replacing the staircase, and much more work.  It’s been hard but so well worth it.  Our previous venues in Southbury and Vauxhall have been excellent for sessions, and we thank our hosts for having us, there have been some amazing times.  But there is nothing like having your own place for sessions where you don’t have to fit around other activity happening at the venue.  We can now use peak times and make bookings more efficiently without having to check things out with other venues.  Last Wednesday (18th May) we went ahead with an opening evening with some of our friends and family as well as three new ladies who have joined us.  Here are some pictures.

cam baloons2



Sparkle could not make the opening but here she is visiting the new venue.


And we’ve done our first custom video at the new studio with Kitty and Nikkitta getting covered in fake blood during a horror catfight video!




Thanks everyone for your patience at this time, we are nearly there, but you would not believe how many final little jobs there are to complete.  We’re working hard and still doing some sessions at Vauxhall in the mean time, but soon we will have the new studio exactly the way we want it for sessions.  We hope you like it.










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