We have a growing set of videos on the Sexy Models Wrestling clips4sale site (  Here are the most recent ones but you can check out all of the titles on the clips4sale site.


Nikkitta v Samurai




The match you have all been waiting for… Samurai our Asian Goddess battling it out with the Raunchy Russian Nikitta…Both in skimpy sexy black bikinis this match will have your eyes popping out… Their outfits have had to be modified slighty to stop them ‘popping out’… Its a very close fight and you’ll just have to watch this clip to see who the final victor is…

Samurai Oiling Up
A sexy short clip of our asian goddess Samurai getting oiled up in readyness for her fight with Nikitta… She is in a skimpy bikini that shows off all her wonderful curves. Applying babyoil to her soft olive skin it is a sight for sore eyes…
Nikkitta Stretching

We take a short cheeky glimpse at the super sexy Nikitta stretching before her fight with Spidee… Dressed in a skimpy swimsuit she is looking so fit and hot. This clip shows off her athletic body so well. She is now ready to rumble
Samurai v Spidee


Our infamous anonymous fighter Spidee is on the mats again, this time with the super sexy asian goddess Samurai. A hard fought battle but there can only be one winner… Who do you think is going to be the victor?Who ever it is this clip makes for interesting watching. The mega hot athletic Samurai in skimpy bikini,,,, Phew!



A new clip has been released on the Sexy Models Wrestling clips4sale site.

Two of our hottest and fittest wrestlers go toe to toe covered in oil for a slippery bout in the paddling pool, But firstly they need to oil each other up a little to make it all the more interesting. Both these oil are in skimpy bikinis that don’t leave much to the imagination. A nice long fight resulting in a draw!!

Another clip has been added to the Sexy Models Wrestling clips4sale site
The super sexy Asian Goddess and Fierce Fighter Samurai is being spied on whist getting changed for a session. Someone is watching her from behind the changing room door as she strips and prepares herself. No nudity in this clip but its such a turn on to watch her putting make up and stripping out of her casual clothes into fight wear…



A new clip has been added to the Sexy Models Wrestling clips4sale store naughty Nikitta is matched against the infamous and anonymous SpideeMouth… This is a great mixed wrestling battle between one of our strongest fighters. Spidee puts up a good battle but is no match for the powerful thighs of Nikitta… He is an easy defeat, repeatedly tapping out from her strong holds. She is a sight to behold in such a skimpy one piece bikini!!


Samurai v Chris (December 2015) Round 2


The second round of the latest Samurai vs Chris Fight. Don’t know why this patheric loser came back for more, Samurai is far to tough for him. She throws him about with relative ease. Head locks and arms locks and scissors. Finally locking him up until he … Maybe he knows he has no chance of winning but fighting this sexy Asian pocket rocket in a hot black lycra mini-dress is too much like fun!!
Samurai in the Office

We take another look in the MWM office and find the super sexy Asian princess Samurai working hard… Dressed in tight short skirt and sexy white blouse, stockings and heels she is the kind of secretary every boss would like working in their office… She doesnt look like she is doing much work but it is such a joy to watch her…

Samurai Strip

The Sexy Samurai strips from her secretary outfit to her super hot black onepiece bikini ready for fighting. Such a fit body with big boobs and a firm butt!!She is now ready for action…


Nikkitta in the Office!


nikkita office


We thought we would take a sneak peak in our office and see how the sexy Nikitta is doing. She should be hard at work but it looks like she is just looking hot and sexy in her tight skirt and blouse!! What she does best of course.This is a short and sexy clip for all the fans of hot girls in sexy secretary outfits…


Samurai v Chris Round 1




The tornado from Thailand which is our super hot fighter Samurai takes on the feeble Chris in another knock out match.Samurai is looking as fit and powerful as ever and in a short and sexy black lycra mini-dress which often rides up to show her toned behind and doesn’t do anything to hide her tempting cleavage. This part one of a two part knock out match!  This match and many other videos can be ordered from our clips4sale site




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